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Original Post:
by: DivineEnivid on Mar 15, 2020

I kinda wanted to start off kinda prideful and show personality but instead allow me to humbly introduce myself. My name is Brandon like many others who have the same. The differences are the paths we chose which sort or created this weird Brandom Universe. Some of them are that guy but I like to think of myself as THE guy. Anyway so much for being humble. I'm new here but you've always been in my heart.,every Mage, magi, sorcerer, warrior, witches, vampires and white knights, along with the women following the yellow brick road or stuck in their personal wonderlands, truly to everyone no matter which species or race, it is truly a blessing to be here.. I look forward to finding a small circle to enjoy wisdom and knowledge of spell casting, dragon Magick, elemental Magick, just about any magic, so we cam all grow together. I can introduce some topics on Mushin if you'd like. Anyway I'm here to meet my people, blessed be my beautiful creatures, let's talk.