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Original Post:
by: CreekofLost on Jul 30, 2019

I find my way by where I am... so I am here, and enjoying seeing the community.

A lil about me. I've experienced a lot, and lived a lot. I've won and lost, gave and received. I hope I have always gave more, lost when I need to, and touched my path. I have always lived by my heart, which is never easy in a world of ease to not.

If you are reading this, synchronicity has happened. Like dancing to music, it just does. Those are two of the forces I believe in:Music and Synchronicity. Spirituality and ones Inner 'God' over religion and self justification through a faith. The path of our mind is fraught, but when we achieve stillness and connection, the waters calm like the touch of a lover.

I am more than willing to share my thoughts on anything you may ask, as my path can only become clearer by sharing light.

I hope you read this being well on your path.

Namaste my new friends!