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Original Post:
by: PaganMiss on Jan 16, 2019

Hello, I am new to the site and not entirely sure as of yet what I am looking for. I am a solitary person in all aspects of my life and don't feel the need to have too many people in it, but have felt lately the need to have some like minded people in my circle. I am of Celtic descent and have always been interested in Paganism. I grew up in Christianity and knew very early in life that it was not for me. I had other forces calling to me and voices telling me there was so much more out there. I tend to lean to the left hand path and am intrigued by darker forces or aspects of the craft. I have spent the last few months reading and delving in to The Lesser Key of Solomon and the Goetia. I like to explore all different paths and to learn anything and everything new to me.