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Original Post:
by: User524550 on Feb 17, 2018

Hello! I'm not new persay but I'm an older returning member to the site. I left for some RL medical issues that pulled me off the website, combined with stress, and I felt it was best to step away from the computer and get them handled. Now that I've handled the medical side of things and am in the clear there, I'm coming back to re-connect with friends I lost along the way and hopefully make new ones.

I'm a Shintoist first and foremost (koshinto/pre-Meiji Restoration) with a heavy focus with Yokai. Self-taught herbalist, and Southern Witchcraft practitioner. Everything sort of blends together here or there, and more detail is in my profile also.

I'm happy to be back, and hope to slowly wean myself into things again.