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Original Post:
by: Kiefer1996 on Jan 14, 2018

Good evening, world of magick users! I am what you may call an adept at magick, and am a huge fan of it. In fact, my mother is fond of it as well, because each time I cast a spell, she tells me nothing but stories of good luck she's encountered.

That being said, I mainly use sigils on paper, because my resources are very limited at the moment, but either way, she finds herself raking in money each time.

I must say I've made a good choice in coming here and learning from you all. I hope to remain here for a long time and hopefully I become more than just an adept!

I have a question though. Where can I find spell kits or magick kits? I looked one up and i saw that Walmart had one but I Don't think that they had it in store. Does anyone know of any popular stores that sell them?

Blessed be.