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Original Post:
by: gentlefire on Jun 08, 2017

I am in tremendous pain in my feet and legs from a diabetic condition, I am without a place to live right now, and to be able to rest my body. I have great inner strength and determination to not give up hope for myself, but a person who I considered a friend, and former roommate, abandoned me on the street once they got a job driving for a transportation service and company, their behavior and attitude towards me changed, and they told me I was keeping them from driving at night, to pick up passengers and I could no longer sleep in the car, and left me on the street, I have to wait for my next paycheck,one week from this Friday, I have little money left, and I am trying to not sink into depression or sadness, but it is very difficult for me right now. I don't know what is going to happen to me but I will move forward, not give up and hope I bounce back from my present situation. I am in the san Fernando valley area of los angeles, and I at least have a job and my personal hope and belief in myself. I thought I would share this with everyone.