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Original Post:
by: Linaln on Jan 07, 2017

Hello !

I joined this website a few weeks ago, the time to go through some spells and to get acquainted with the functioning.

First I really like to thank you for this place, it's amazing!

Then, a little bit more about me : I have been interested by magic from a very young age (like many of us I guess ^^). I think I have a natural ability with wind (little breezes triggered by emotions, nothing very big, but it's still a start !) and very vivid dreams (sometimes conscious). I have been going with that for most of my life, keeping it to myself by the fear of being judged.
However, for the past two years, I have been conducting a complete change in my work as well as way of life. I left my corporate job to work helping others and develop my artistic abilities. Along the way, I trained with a Reiki sensei to level 3 (in Japan where I used to live), started daily meditating, developed a way to heal myself through meditation and find my path through meditation visualization and conscious dreams, etc.

Working mostly alone on this, I'd be very happy to share what I know and learn from others.

Looking forward to exchanging with you :)