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Original Post:
by: User457827 on Aug 06, 2016


I've visited this website before, obviously(as it is ancient, and almost anyone in our line of work stumbles across this place at some point of their life).

The name's Zelotar, though I go by the name ''Arcane'' on a variety of other occult communities and forums. Philosophically I am more oriented towards the Left Hand Path, though I am an eclectic with a basic understanding of many many different branches of magic, sorcery, and the occult.

I'm not a novice by any stretch of the imagination, nor am I remotely close to being ''done'', or calling myself a ''master'', as humbleness is the most important trait in magic, and losing self-importance, a la Castaneda, is a major step in actually having control over your life.

I've put in a monstrous amount of work (in addition to my life, anywhere from one to five hours of practice or research or writing a day while my thoughts practically all relate to sorcery) that's gotten me where I am, no shortcuts taken just raw dedication and too much time on my hands.

So...hello everyone.