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Original Post:
by: FallenL666 on Jul 23, 2016

Hello!! & Marry meet, I go by Spike which is my nickname! Feel free to call me Spike 👍 ^_^ Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved the legend of King Arthur & the Knight's of the round table, I loved magic & witch's, I also loved nature! I got into magic around the year 2009, I picked up a book about the Wizard Merlin & wondered if there was real magic in the World. I grew up in a Catholic family, I was baptized & received everything I needed to be a member of the church. But something drew me towards magic. I went online & did a lot of research & found Wicca. From their I was hooked!! Growing up I moved around a lot ( my parents had problems), so I felt alone I'm the world. Magic saved me and made me realize once again as I did when I was a kid how beautiful life was. I noticed I had a nack for "magic" when I used crystals. My love of nature took over & lead me to find my spiritual path as a Pagan. I then through my studies found Druids.
I remember finding out that I am Irish, and I feel deeply in love with the Druids. It brought back out the child in me when I was into Merlin & the legends. I finally felt safe. My love of nature and love of balance made me so keen to be a druid.
I am a solitary practitioner & am still in High school. I live with my family of 6 ( Me , my mom, step dad, step brother, half brother & grandmother), and they are all either Catholic or Prodistant, or Lutheran. My family at first was skeptical, but learned to accept that the devil had no part in my belief. So I know what its like to come out of the broom closet & fly.
That's a little about me XD