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Original Post:
by: User425007 on Jan 25, 2016

Hi everyone, my name is Domenyk Stier, I'm a new teenage practicioner, 18 years old. I follow a Luciferian church called the Liberated of Lucifer. My interest in magick is anything, I find most interest however in divination and the more "taboo" studies such as Demonology, Left Hand Path, voodoo, and blood magic. My own personal interests include television, video gaming, and I make YouTube videos. I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Broadchurch. Don't let this confuse you though, I love good old outdoor, old fashioned, manly work. I love hiking, climbing, camping, cutting wood. To me physical strengthening is as important as mental. I am very loving and kind person, but will stand my ground always. Oh and I really love my girlfriend, she is my life