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Original Post:
by: Herbalwitch on Dec 29, 2015

Hi, first I have to excuse for my english, I'm from Switzerland and still fight with the written english, sorry.
After a long time full of trouble and financial disasters i came to a point, where I realised, that I only can help myself and found the magick path.
I work since a fiew years with herbs and natural products for skincare and remedy and to see, what this herbs, I normally use against inflammation, pain or even wrinkles can do, is absolutely amazing and for me in this way even more interesting. But also the rest of the magick seems to be the right way to become my life under control.
I was looking for a german page, but there is nothing really activ, so I will try here and please, if something sounds really strange, ask... I write like I speak even when I know, that this is wrong :)
Blessings your Herbalwitch