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Original Post:
by: BDawg101 on Jul 25, 2015

Ayyo, how are ya, and this is B-Dawg_101 comin' at ya straight up. Ya so I've always been a big fan of Harry Houdini, so I wanna try out some of this more advanced stuff for myself. I've gotten pretty swello over the years at meditation, astral projection and free-form jazz. Even though jazz is not currently considered magic, I hope to change that in the future and help people realize that improvised music, when comin' straight out from the soul, is just as real as turnin' into a straight up werewolf. I hope to add my wealth of knowledge to this site and learn from others. Speaking of free-form jazz, you can PM me to listen to some of my music or get a live Skype sesh of me poundin' it on the synth or ocarina while I spit out raps. Also PM me if you pump out more smoke than my boy Glizzle's bonfire.

Sincerely & Love,