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Original Post:
by: AndewtheRew on Oct 24, 2014

Hello there, im a new member. Kind of obvious. I would like to see what it feels to be an actual member. I was a lurker before but then i gathered my courage and came out here. I hope to bring to light many things and learn from others as well (Preferably not becoming a "fluffy" and the like").

Please be kind and correct my mistakes, i am attempting to use correct grammar, but being a long time gamer has hindered my ability.

I was born christian protestant and am monotheistic.
While i acknowledge other people's religion, i feel there is one god, the Source who made all the other spirits.

(Perhaps people thought these powerful spirits were the gods?Hmm).

I have tried psionics and astral projection. I am quite good at lucid dreaming and hypnagogic (did i spell that right) state of awareness.

I have strong affinity towards God and prefer using his holy names in spells and rituals. (Though i use prayers more, it looks more courteous.)

I would like to learn magic imbued with the holy names and holy spirit of god.

And, like i said before, please excuse my mistakes.

PS. i read that certain abreviations are not allowed, what about faces like XD?