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Original Post:
by: Kioshin on Dec 27, 2013

Hey everyone my name is Nick, and im new here. (obviously)
I'm from Canada, and im kinda new to magic and stuff.
I say kinda because its been years since i wanted to be more experimented in this ''art'' but it's hard to learn something that is forbid and let's be honest, internet isnt the greatest source for magic learning! I've seen some spells to turn into a mermaid and to be honest i'm pretty sure that's 1000000% fake. But anyway since i can hardly find books of shadows with good informations, i came here to maybe learn more about it! I just want to say that if you act like you're a powerful witch that can make fireballs or that you are a pure blood demon from another dimension i might not belive you until you prove it. I'd like some help to improve my magic, my third eye, and my demon research! (I have interrests in demons, i like to study them so if i ever meet one i know what to do). So i hope i learn alot here and that i make friends that shares the same interrests as me!