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Original Post:
by: Klayton on Mar 30, 2012

So I'm new to this. Obviously lol. Anyways I am 14 and so I can't really buy any ingredients for rituals and spells that are too off the wall. I just want to learn the basics right now and get a good foundation so that when I can buy anything for these things and what not that I may be able to do it and perform such things with ease. I would not mind having separate tutors for various things. Such as a tutor for controlling energy flow, a tutor for creating spells, a tutor for learning to read minds, etc. I take this very seriously and I believe in it 100%. I've seen thigns and am friends with people who have done things "out of the ordinary' so to speak. If anyone would be willing to teach me just message me with your name and what you excel in. I will tell you if I would like to be taught in your ways or not. Please and Thank You! :)