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Original Post:
by: Shieldbearer on Jan 19, 2020

Good day, folks. This should be my first post here. Here's hoping I don't end up breaking the rules too quickly, eh?

Anyhow, so here's the deal: I got a little silly bit of trivia to ask, mostly out of curiosity... Also because I know I can't actually do relating to this myself due to not having the means by which to even attempt, and even if I could, I'd risk drawing the ire of multiple beings. Would any spiritual creatures at all, for lack of any way to describe them all, be interested in playing some of the classic tabletop games we folks have, if given the possibility? If so, which? I don't mean things like Dungeons and Dragons, of course, even if that'd be interesting to see too - I more so mean things like Chess.

Not gonna ask about plain human spirits - they're likely not too different than they were in life. Fae, dragons and what else people can think of here. As much as a fascination as I may have with the first one of those, I fear they are among the least likely to be into it, given how they're typically not fond of our creations, especially the more modern ones. I also feel angels and demons are most likely to be more interested in other, more productive things at any given time. But what about the rest? And what if I am mistaken? Perhaps you folks have some spirits you're close to that you could ask that question, or some insight to share on the matter?

Thank you for your time, looking forward to your responses!