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Original Post:
by: Druantia on Apr 12, 2018

Hello, I am new and was just wondering about something.
A few towns over from where I grew up, and my grandmother lived, there was this small section off the right hand side of the road. It was a huge area of woods, with a clearing and a butcher's cabin in the middle. It was the only place on the road like it. Well, after a while, the owner started to cut down the tree's around him, especially the one's that were closest to the road. Whenever we would drive by, I was in extreme pain and could have sworn that I heard people screaming. No one else in the car could hear it. I knew what I was hearing was real, because I myself have Autism and are extremely sensitive to sounds ( basically meaning, I am very good at hearing thing's because my sensitivity to sounds makes it so ). We drove there everyday, because it was the only way to get to school, and even covering my ear's didn't help, because I could still hear them screaming. Fast foreward a few year's and they are done cutting down tree's , but yet every time we pass it, I feel sad and depressed, and I go into this mood, as if I am remebering a lost loved one. It is very un-settling for me and I was just wondering if I was hearing the screams of the Nature fay or if I am just crazy.

Thank you