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Original Post:
by: Princie on Nov 17, 2016

I've very recently been doing pendulum readings and asking about guardian angels, and the spirit world. Here's what I've learned so far:

Guardian angels: beings that watch over you from the spirit world; that for when you die, they will lead you to the after life (spirit world). They rarely are seen by people before they die, but people have seen them (I've seen my guardian angel, but at a very young age). They are normally mistaken for bad spirits/demons/ghosts because they are draped in a black cloak, and are only seen for a very short amount of time (1-3 seconds). But my theory is that they appear before you to see if you're doing alright. There is a way to see your guardian angel before you die, but I have not figured out how yet. If anyone has other theories please message me.

Spirit world: the spirit world is connected to our world. One can only enter the spirit world when they die, and only guardian angels can enter and exit our physical world. There is heaven and hell, angels and demons, but (I'm not sure why) there is no god ruling either realm.

I'll do some more research on this matter, and get back to you guys. Hope this helped anyone who was curious about spirits/guardian angels/angels/demons. If there is a mistake I made please tell me.