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Original Post:
by: Catlike304 on Dec 01, 2015

For a while I had been wanting a new cat, so I went out and got a kitten from petco. It went well, and he's now 2 years old. However, There's something just a little bit different about him.

For one, he understands human speech perfectly. I'll set down 5 different cans of wet food and ask him which one he'd like today. He almost invariably sniffs them all, before rubbing salmon dinner with his cheek. I can ask him questions and he responds like any human would, albeit a mute human.

Also, he exerts a tremendous amount of magical power. I'm kinda new to the whole humans using magic, but my cats show it all the time. For example, Forrest (the cat in question) will eat his wet food. I look up and he's halfway to my room, licking his paw. I turn back and he's still eating. He does such things regularly. His favorite, in my opinion, is leading me to a dead end and appearing behind me. He also does this more often then my other cats.

He is also quite feral in nature, despite his neutered state.

So, just what is it about this cat? I think he might be a familiar, but of course I want everyone's input.