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Original Post:
by: SamanthaColt on Apr 23, 2015

I am not talking about familiars, but the actual totem animals based on shamanism. I am new to this and want to know if anyone in here has an idea about them. I have an idea that my animal is a tiger because a psychology test that had me subconsciously see myself as a tiger, strong and beautiful etc, and my obsession with tigers ever since a couple of years ago. I also did an online test, it wasn't those with simple and obvious questions but rather based on your personality, for example the answer read 'somewhat sgree, disagree, strongly disagree' and so forth. On that test I got my spiritual animal as a tiger as wel.

I was wondering if there is a way to see my animal or a way to communicate with it, as I read in another article that constant sppearabces in what my seem everyday life is actually a way for your animal communicating with you.

Please help. Thank you.