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Original Post:
by: User288014 on May 18, 2014

Okay, I know I've written a lot of things about the higher being I have a father-daughter relationship with, but I'm trying to help him with his healing process.

First of all, he did not tell me he was a higher being. The reason why he did not tell me was because he did not know due to the amount of damage he sustained in the past. The person who did the reading for me to identify what he was(they did it for free and offered to do it, so I'm pretty sure I wasn't taken advantage of) said that with the amount of damage he had sustained, it impaired his memory.

They suggested that some spiritual healing and offerings could help. He was up for the spiritual healing, but he said that he didn't feel comfortable with offerings. The person who helped me then suggested sharing a meal with him instead, which he said he was okay with and would actually enjoy. The question is, what should I prepare? Should I just let him choose?