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Original Post:
by: Goldenstag on Apr 29, 2016

So its been several years since I have been on this site. And upon returning I decided that i would share something that i have been working on for some time now. What you see below is an essay of sorts that i have written regarding my spiritual and philosophical understanding of life and nature and what for me it means to be pagan and alive. Ive written what i believe to be a poetic and elegantly wordy interpretation on the origin of the cosmos and nature and where i personally feel i fit into that. This story was inspired by personal experience and years of working with deeply enriching spirits of nature that have imparted wisdom and muse to help make my first creative contribution to the Pagan culture. Please feel free to repost and reuse this story if it so pleases. I post this here is hopes to gain feedback and a dialogue with fellow pagans about this story's subject matter. I take critique well and welcome all forms of constructive interractions from fellow pagan and neo-pagans alike. I also apologize for my spotty spelling and sentence structures. This draft is in essence a rough draft of sorts so again i apologize.

From Life came a story...Let me tell you that story. The story of the beginning. Not just any beginning. The beginning of you. The beginning of me. The beginning of stars, of space and time. The beginning of Everything.
Before there was Everything, there was Nothing. And it was from Nothing came Everything. From Everything came Divinity. From Divinty came Nature. And from Nature came Life.
When Nothing became Everything it came in a flash. In a dance of lights and colors. Shapes and sounds beyond the boundaries of imagination. Everything was wild and chaotic with itself. Energy and light ran rampant and burst forth from the Nothing as the Nothing transformed into the Everything. It was cosmic metamorphosis. From the tinniest point of emptiness flowing into the river of time, stars, and the Divine Spirit of Nature.
In the early moments of the Nothing turning into the Everything, all light, sound, color, and matter danced wildly. They danced with each uncontrolled. Free and outward from the infinite void. In time however, when the dancing had waned to a gentle waltz two spirits were born from the Everything. These spirits were the beings of Chaos and Order. Choas was wild and relentless just like the stars as they danced in the moments of before. Chaos only wished to dance wildly like it had before the Everything decided to slow down and attempt peace and bliss. From this desire for bliss came Order. Order was the spirit peace, tranquility, or symmetry of being. The Everything rejoiced at the two powers born from its primal birth and inner desires. The Everything asked it children to dance. To dance and create harmony and balance. At first Chaos was reluctant. Chaos didnt want to be ruled by another, it wanted to be free and destructive as it scattered its explosions of light and sound. Order saw the light and sound and became intruiged and convinced Chaos that it would not try to control it, merely work with it in a cosmic dance like the Everything requested. Chaos finally obliged and the most spectacular phenomoea occured. The relentless lights and sounds and vibrations, released from the Everything when it came into being and gave birth to Chaos, began to shape and form. They togethor dancing could Create, Destroy, and Reshape the lights, sounds, and colors into different forms and magnificent spectacles. And from this unity between Chaos and Order came Divinity. From this unity came the Divine heart of the Everything. The Spiritual center. The consciousness. From this Divinity came the forces of Nature.
Chaos and Order danced for so long that they were no longer seperate spirits. But unified into the Divine essence of Nature which emenated from the Everything. All were one, and this One was the All.
The Everything, alive with its Divine Spirit of Nature began to become curious about its own being. And so the Everything, like a mighty tree, scattered its seeds to the stars, the shapes and forms it created from its Cosmic Dance. The Everything scattered its seeds to the winds of itself. Through space and time. The seeds were sparks. Embers of a the larger flame that was the Divinity. Smaller pieces of the Everything made manifest in Nature in countless forms. The Birthplace where these sparks blossom from the place is known as the Wellspring of Souls. The birthplace of spirits. The beginning of life. The beginning of everything within and beyond the Everything.
As the sparks settled they burst forth alive made manifest from the governing forces of the Everything made so by the Divine Spirit of Nature. Sparking from the brighter fire of the Everything. Without judgement or cause these sparks began to take many shapes, form, and colors just as the Everything did when it came from the Nothing. Bound by the same dance of Chaos and Order, infused with consciousness from the Divine that emenated from the Everything these sparks became Spirits. These Sparks became alive. And the Everything woke up to itself and began to experience itself as it had dreamed in its early Slumber after it's Birth. The sparks emanating on all planes, all dimensions, and in all incarnations, began to become self aware. they began to live.
The first born of the sparks were the primal ones. The old and Archaic from near the beginning itself. They manifested in the forms of the very substance of all things the Everything brought forth from itself. They were the Elementals. The beings of from the 4 Elemental Pillars of creations that made up all matter, form, and substance on all planes. Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. It was through the fifth the element of Mana, the creative energy from Chaos and Order's Dance, that these beings were bound as were all beings elemental or no.
It was later that some sparks took shape and being in the places between the places. Seeking to understand their own nature and the forces around them. Not solid nor essence. Without complete form or substance. Merely spirits of stray consciousness. They took form in the place between places became which is known as the Astral. A place where sparks took root and became eternally endless outside of time and space. These were the Astral Spirits. Beings of countless intent and shape. Beings of the Ether and in the Between.
Finally there were those who aligned on different planes and dimensions. Beings made manifest in the layers of Nature's Vibrartory heartbeat. Some spiritual, some physical, some in layers mysterious and as complex as the spirits who inhabit them.
The beings of the physical took many shapes and forms. These were sparks who were born from the Divine like all the other sparks but became curious about its physical existence. So they blossomed from their celestial seeds and burned as Souls incarnating into the realm of Nature's solid manifestations. The place of stars and planets. Space and Time. The place of the living, breathing, and bleeding. The sparks spread across the stars and across space and burgeoned forth from the substance of this realm, taking form from stone and water. Soil and fire. They took root in places of substance, in places of vitality and potential. They became physically incarnate driven by the their spiritual instinct from the Everything to self experience. Born from the Everything. It was the Everything coming alive in the natural world.
Each spark, or Soul, manifested in a different way and followed a different path to experience the physical realm. They adapted and grew both in spiritual understanding, natural experience, and physical evolution. They became what is known as Life. Countless forms, and countless incarnations these Spirits incarnate to grow and learn and become closer to the Everything from which they truly extend by experiencing what the Everything made possible. They were literally the eyes and ears of the Everything exploring itself. Exploring what it's Divinity made possible by Nature's Dance. Surrounded by fellow Soul Sparks the Spirits would revel in these experiences and take spirit mates and alliances to evolve and grow in circles and in cycles with them. Upon the end of each individual incarnation, the Spirit would return to the Well-Spring of Souls. The spirits would retouch with its etheric roots and garner this Wisdom and Knowledge gained until eventually returning burning back into the Divine Flame from whence the Seeds came. Each soul, each incarnation, Making the Divine Fire burn bright and strong.
While normally its common for a seed to only spark one individual soul, it is an occurence that sometimes, while rare, a seed would do something marvelously incredible. It would birth a Twin Soul. A Spark of Divine Fire that would birth an entity of not one but two spirits bound and linked by cosmic unity. The Twin souls, while seperate in incarnation, were bound and rooted to their own seed. These spirits would incarnate and garner these experiences in the physical world seperately but take them back togethor and grow stronger and more spiritually enlightened. Seeking to return to each other and create sprititual balance and Harmony. Until one day walking hand in hand back to the Cosmic Fire and be reunited with pure Divinity.
These seeds. These vast and countless sparks of Divinity, in all their etheric forms and manifestations are the cosciousness and essence of Nature. They are the essence of the Everything. The Elementals, Angels, Demons, Ghosts, and Spectres. The Fairies, life beyond the Earth, life on the Earth. All born from the Cosmic Fire. Born from Divinity. Born from the Everything. All emissaries of Nature. The Eyes and Ears of the stars and astral. All in essence Divinity manifest in all realms and places. All are Nature, both of Chaos and Order made from the Primal Four and bound by the Creative Fifth. Unified and harmonized.
The strange part about this story, is that although it has a beginning, of lights and color, of form and substance, of a cosmic waltz of destruction and creation it does not have ending. I know this because I've seen through to the birth place. I've heard the whispers of Divinity in the Trees, in the breeze, from the warmth of my star. Ive seen into the Well-Spring of Souls. Almost having returned there once when my incarnation nearly met its end. In a life threatening accident at a young age. But something amazing happened. I survived. I continued to exist and live on. The spark of Divine within me burned stronger than I had thought, but because so did the spark of my Soul Twin. My other half and my spiritual sibling.
Its been many years now and I have searched for this story. I've searched for the meaning. I've searched for the answer of why I survived, or what happens when I dont. Then one day Nature simply whispered it to me. And I understood. I have experienced connections with fellow Spirits of the Divine in this incarnation. Spirits who have become a part of my cycle of existence. Spirits with whome I've bonds of love, pain, regrets, betrayal, joy and sadness, life and death. Some have returned to the Well-Spring of Souls. They have reunited with the Divine. With the Everything. Some are still with me. Spirits whome I am come to call my family. Roots of the Everything whome I've pulled towards my own. Roots that blend and intertwine with my fate of my Soul Twin and my own. And in that I have learned to surround myself with these loved ones and create my own family filled with spirits and souls that I have come to create a part of this incarnation. I do this so that one day when I do leave this world and return to the Well-Spring of Souls I can remember these experiences were based on trust, harmony, and love. And thats how I know this story doesnt have an ending. Because from the moment the Everything begat Chaos and Order it began to love them with all of its might. The good, the bad, the wonderful and the terrible. And as Chaos and Order joined as one and became the Divine Spirit of Nature, the Everything continued to love it. It loved so strongly that it wished to experience all it had created not seperately but as a part of it. It became love manifested. It became chaos and order. It became Nature. It became Life.
Its almost as if the sparks was the Everything's way of waking from a dream so It's cosmic eyes could flutter open to take in all that it sees and experiences. Everything is connected. Through life, and through death. There is no end for there was never truly a beginning. Merely cycles of change and experience. It was from these cycles that from Nothing came Everything. From the Everything came Divinity. And from Divinity came Nature. From Nature came life...and from Life came a story...Let me tell you that story.