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Original Post:
by: BarneyLee12 on Jan 20, 2016

hi guys...

Dilema time: (not exactly but...)

> i have tried being a shaman
> Tarot reader
> Wiccan
> Spiritualist
> Buddhist
> Scryer

ad infinitum... (maybe this is the issue?)

what the problem is.. i have been trying to find *the right path for me* for over 15 years!

Nothing works (most of them start workinig and i think YAY finally i found where i belong - but then after a time there always becomes a MASSIVE road block on my path that i cannot climb/move around/break down) WHY is this?

Shamanism: I got in touch with my spirit animal/s (first was a badger, second was a bear) they left me about 5 years ago and i haven't seen thenm since

Tarot: i used to be very good at it, then one day i just.... *lost the ability*

Wicca: I started off *all in* with alter/knife/candles etc... but i found out that actually *living as a devote* was far to hard for me

Spirtualist: The most successful path i have followed ( i could see near futures (sense them... i am not a *visionary*)... i used to walk past certain places and *vibe* the place (randomly) this has also stopped... I have had a *poltergiest* (years ago) and now... nothing... i used to *feel* something tapping me on the shoulder when danger was near etc... the tapping has stopped!

Buddhist: I can no longer meditate (please see the astral projection thread *Meditation/OOBE help?*

Scryer: I have done mirrors/water/crystal... Mirror was the only one that worked... again... i have lost the ability

Am I broken???