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Original Post:
by: Muurta on Dec 23, 2014

Kamrusepas, "The Mother," is the Hittite Goddess of healing and magic. She is known to be a very powerful healer and sorceress, and provides miracle cures and healing to the people of Mesopotamia. She is also known as a Goddess of fertility and agriculture, and can help heal the land during droughts. Kamrusepas is a calm, benevolent force known for appeasing anger and self-loathing. She is able to cure paralysis and other illnesses by using knot magick and unbinding the problem.

According to legend, Kamrusepas healed the agriculture and fertility god, Telepinu, while he was in a rage. Because of his anger he withdrew from the world, taking all his possessions with him. Without his life-giving gifts, nothing on Earth or on the world of the gods would grow. Fires could not be lit, plants and animals died, and even the gods starved. On the orders of the Mother-goddess Hannahannas, a bee was sent to sting Telepinu to get him out of his hiding. Of course it didn't appease his anger and his temper simply got worse.

Kamrusepas performed a complex ritual involving grains, oils, and incenses. She begged for him to calm down, and sprinkled the pathways with oils to help clear his mind. After much trial and error, Kamrusepas finally appeased him. His anger was then locked in the underworld behind seven doors, and the seven locks hidden inside bronze cauldrons.

Another myth speaks of her performing the spell of fire, which is said to remove various illnesses by changing them into a mist. The ritual may also be where she unbinds the illness, and binds it into some grain. The grain is later burned, and the energy returns to the heavens.