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Original Post:
by: PapaBear on Apr 01, 2018

A lot of people think the only way to sweeten someone up is through a honey jar, But there are so many other ways to do a sweetening spell without honey. Here are a few ideas.


Any syrup will do and is less expensive than buying a big jar of honey. A quick job to do when someone is gossiping about you is to get a picture of the person you are working on and dab some syrup on your finger and then lick it and say, " as this syrup is sweet to me may -persons name- be sweet to me", then dab a little syrup you have left on your finger on the persons mouth to shut them up.


Sugar is everywhere and inexpensive and could also already be in your kitchen cupboard! If you have an impolite guest but for some reason you need them to come back over to your home, pray psalm 23 over a little handful of sugar and throw it in their direction, without them noticing, when they walk out your door.


Many don't know but candy is used in hoodoo. Take a piece of candy and pray over it your, next give it to the person who is mean to you.


Yes you heard me! Bees! I actually though of this myself because my apartment complex has a pool and it usually has a boat load of dead bees in it. So I scavenged a bunch and now I'm drying them out. Think about bees make honey, at least most of them I think, but anyway they can be used for sweetener spells. Use them to give your working a little kick or drie them up, crush them, and pour it in someone's drink. I know gross but at least you won't be drinking out of it lol.


Now this is a new hoodoo technique that I only heard once. Not very traditional, as far as I hear, but soda has a boat load of sugar and plus its an acidic. Use this to sweetly dissolve a bad situation.

That's all I have right now, but if you have any more ideas or questions feel free to leave them down below.