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Original Post:
by: Hatsv on May 23, 2017

Gather 'round! I decided to share a page from my book. This is my recipe for a general purpose War Oil which can be used for anything you need to declare "war" on or fight. This includes baneful magic against other people, war on something in your life or even an aspect of yourself that you want to conquer. Whatever you may be battling, this oil can help. I found this recipe from another witch I follow and I made some changes for my own spin.

I take no responsibility for whatever you may use this for or any effects that may come from its use.

Recipe is as follows:

Habanero Peppers - this gives the oil a good strong kick and is and aspect you can use in baneful magic.
Rose buds/petals - for love and family protection
Rosemary - for protection
Jasmine flowers - can deal with love
Red Pepper (I use bird's eye chilis) - revenge, reversals
Any herb that promotes psychic ability (catnip, mullein, eyebright)
Salt - protection
Cinnamon (I use sticks) - for protection
Juniper berries - protection, protection from theft, exorcism, cleansing, psychic power
Allspice or peppercorns - healing and protection
Oil (I used grapeseed oil for this one, but any oil should work)

Make sure to add a preservative like vitamin E if your carrier oil doesn't have it already. My grapeseed oil already contains vitamin E.

You can make changes to personalize it to your needs with many other herb options.