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Original Post:
by: User431471 on Mar 14, 2016

To honor the mightiest weapon known to man, one that has protected us on multiple occasions and will continue to, we bid thanks to Thor and his Hammer.

Mjolnir, thunderer, Hammer of the gods
Your mighty, red handler charges through the sky
Your might heard through the Nine Worlds.
Yggdrasil, itself, shakes for your power
Let your voice be know, oh grinder.
Creator of blue fire, setting blaze to the heavens
Earthquakes of the sky in your name.
Mjolnir, thunderer, Hammer of protection
Forged by dwarven kin, your brother Draupnir,
Cowers in your presence.
You charge through battle, crushing evil where it stand
Midgard lays in you and your master's debt
We sign the praises of the Holy weapon,
Befalling Jotun-kind when they strike, leveling mountains,
For our safety, in the name of the righteous and honorable.
Mjolnir, thunderer, hammer of destruction
Your power has shaped the world as it is,
Helping to forge as your hammer flattens the wicked
Protecting us, saving us from the harm of those in greater power.
Mjolnir, thunderer, Hammer of Thor!
We sing your praise, Hail Mjolnir!