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Original Post:
by: kenosia on Sep 03, 2015

I am very new to this. Just a disclaimer.
Recently I've been feeling nostalgic about my childhood home, especially about the birch trees I had in my backyard/forest. I loved those trees. I had some vivid dreams about them.
I've also been wondering about who/when/if a god or goddess was going to happen. I see a lot of people on here talking about that so it seems to be a big part of this (norse shamanism).
I figured I'd see if birch trees had any significance, and they have a lot, apparently. Frigg came up and though I love my mythology and history, I hadn't seen her before.
It was kind of scary to be honest just how much of her life I have lived and how much of my life she seems to have been present for. I'm a coincidence kind of person but this is just.... a lot. I didn't know this kind of thing could be so blatant. I have spent some time with myself on this and decided to run with it.
She spoke with me. I didn't think this was possible but it happened. It felt real. She told me things I don't want to admit to myself rather bluntly. It was kind of like talking to a mother figure. I'm just rambling now but the whole point of this is..

I'm not just being overly ambitious and putting on a show for myself because I read about how deities are a part of this and wanted in on it, am I? Because this is happening really fast and I am pretty freaked out.
I just want to know if this is real.