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Original Post:
by: User175770 on May 23, 2012

okay, I've been hearing various opinions about Loki, some people equate him to the christian Satan, whereas others say hes done nothing wrong. both of which I think to be a stretch. But this might make a decent conversation, so we might as well give it a shot.

I consider Loki to be neither good nor evil, as i do with all the Gods, Goddesses, etc. I believe that they all have the capacity to be "good" and "evil" (lets not go into a discussion of whats good and evil); Just like we do. While I agree that he has done some "bad" things, people forget to give him credit where its due. For example, he was the one who built Asgaards walls. Without them the AEsir would have been screwed. and even though he did dishonorable things, like killing Baldr, I've noticed he isn't the only one who has (i'll give examples if needed).
To sum it up, I think that Loki is a misunderstood opportunist, and not good or evil.

But I'm curious about your opinions. So please tell them and we may have a really great and educating discussion.

Thanks for reading

P.S. Please include reasons for your opinions, since "yea hes not bad" or "no hes evil" or things of the sort aren't really great for learning from.