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Original Post:
by: SirenaRose on Aug 21, 2022

You said the best or not best way to find out, is through dreams. I am new to all of this. I just recently uncovered that my whole line of ancestors did spellwork. My parents did their best to keep this from me because of the fact that they thought they were protecting me. I'm learning more stuff every day about things and my intuitive nature is always spot on. Thing is, I have had dreams for the past few weeks. Always the same person in it. I am a married woman and never in my dreams do I dream of the love of my life, my husband lately. I dream of a man from my past of whom I once loved and had already forgotten. I do have a fondness of him. He is still a really good friend but I adore my husband. Thing is, he has been in my dreams a lot lately and only one of those dreams I can remember. I always sleep with a sachet of herbs and crystals that I prepared to keep in my pillow to protect me while I sleep. Lately, I was missing that sachet. It was gone for three days and the herbs I needed couldn't be found locally simply online where I had to wait for it to be shipped. So for three days, I remember the recurring dream of him being in it, and everything he had to say. He confessed that he always loved me, and still does to this day. He popped into my dreams so randomly that it interrupted other regular dreams. I wrote all these things down in my dreams book. But I remember them vividly to the point that he was in my thoughts constantly. When I finally got my sachet done, I added mugwort to it to enhance my visions. After this, I couldn't remember my dreams, but I knew the guy from my past was in them still. Which helped from the influence of him to be on my mind. Technically, If he telling me how he feels that isn't doing any harm to me, but if it's to invade my thoughts to influence how I feel about him, it's still harmful to my current relationship. That maybe that is the sachet blocking the dream, but me remembering that he is still behind the dream is the mugwort working to tell me something is suspicious about the whole thing. Somehow it feels like an attempt to do something like a love spell to appear in my dreams. But then again, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I know he doesn't do any spell work, but I know his partner does. His partner sees me as a threat, so I still need to be cautious.