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Original Post:
by: User624180 on Oct 17, 2021


I was wondering if anyone had celebratory plans for the season? Are you celebrating Samhain? Christian holidays? Any Autumn plans upcoming?

Today we had a feast of pheasant and vegetables, celebrating a successful hunt.

The next is planned for November, Thanksgiving time, unless between now and then there is another successful hunt.

Samhain, my plans are minimal. I will not know exactly until later this month, there may be a party. There will be new years divination on Samhain day unless that changes.

I plan as well this season to invest in a new mug, and to pick up my favorite tea for the colder months. I plan to get a nice mug from the metaphysical shop in November. I hope to order the tea this week, and perhaps pick up a cheap mug to hold me over until I pick up a more artsy one.

My own Autumn celebrations are simple and usually follow the same path each year. Feasts, divination, prosperity workings, and tea.

And if there are plans for it a Samhain party.