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Original Post:
by: ShadowCasts on Apr 14, 2020

So Anubis is my patron ans Nyx is my matron, however Fenrir and J?rmungand keeps popping up in my dreams, it's usually when I have a nightmare.

I had this nightmare I was lost in the woods, I was cold, wet, and shivering, I remember laying down feeling exhausted, but I panicky woke up, and Fenrir was beside me... Or well, laying on me... In another nightmare, I was falling in water, I couldnt scream, breath, or move my body, but then J?rmungand appeared out of no where and caught me.

The one that is more frequent is me falling in water, now I can't swim, so I usually stay away from the ocean and lakes, or any deep waters, but I have had this sane drean 4 nights in a row, always falling in this body of water, only to have J?rmungand saving me, at some point in ny dream everything goes black, I also felt a stinging pain, and when I wake up in said dream, I'm on a boat...