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Original Post:
by: wanderluster on Jun 07, 2019

The dream began with some people and I being chased. It wasn?t until she showed up that I realized we were running from some kind of dark entity, she was beautiful, but her energy was making me uncomfortable. She was saying something, but I can?t remember a word. It felt sinister and scary. Before I could stop myself, I shouted I wanted to join her even through it felt dangerous. Next thing I can clearly recall was the mark all over my back. It was a giant angel wings tattoo spread on my back.
She said there are two ways the things could go. First, I leave with her through the portal, sort of like a testing area where I would have to undergo some sort of test and either pass and become the member of the coven and earn her trust or I?ll die trying. Second, give up and be killed.
She said she?ll be back for the final test and suddenly I was somewhere else, a hotel of sorts.
A girl I remember from real life but havent seen in ages approached and she said that if I guess three questions right, I?ll be released from my debt. I guessed right only one.
The entity entered through the portal and I felt being pulled towards her, I just kept repeating how much I regret my decision to join her and he energy was so exhausting, I couldn?t take a breath, it felt like I was choking in real life. I closed my eyes and suddenly I was in a black room, all alone. In front of me was the list of I guess candidates for the portal.
There were two names on the list, one was an American, a guy with high qualifications who passed the test. The other one was my name, it read ?DEAD?. I woke up feeling exhausted.

Any meaning to the dream? I need interpretation. I can't stop thinking about it for a week.