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Original Post:
by: User539887 on Oct 30, 2018

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Oct 30, 2018
Please excuse all my posts I just really want to check lots of things and gauge opinions before I do anything. I once had a friend who was a pagan too she had studied many years and was apparently high up in her order. She was also apparently part of the illuminati if that even exists though I found that harder to believe. She always looked at me as an utter novice because I have read only a few books and I practice paganism my own way, the way that feels right. That made me a "fluffy bunny spiritualist" apparently. Things like that made me move away from her friendship as it hurt me a lot when it was all so important to me. However she as a "higher" more "learned" occultist taught me/told me things that I need opinions on. Apparently you should never use magic for your own gain? (once hot scolded for controlling wind direction to make putting the washing out easier). Is that true? Did I mess up? I just really wanna be clear on these things if I am going to jump into this seriously. I don't like following rules I like to do what feels right BUT I will follow rules that is respecting people and laws and all that I have a really fear about hurting or offending anyone. Least if all the universe or the earth.