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Original Post:
by: Ishvala on Jul 22, 2018

I had a dream quite a bit ago that I can't get off my mind, and while I have done research on it and personal interpreations, I've hit quite a stump and can't seem to make much out of it. I was hoping perhaps you guys could give me some insight. To get some things out of the way; I don't have a set religion or spirituality, and I merely dabble with the craft so I'm not too experienced with much that would draw attention (that I know of). I have had both Astral Projection experiences and Lucid Dream experiences, and this felt like a lucid dream over an actual Astral one so I figured putting it in Misc. would be best. If this post belongs somewhere else, I do apologize.

So, onto the dream...if you have any questions or need information I'll try my best to answer you by either giving you information I remember or if I cannot remember it, simply letting you know. I'm an open book, so have fun if you can. :)

So about two years ago I had a dream about walking down a stretch of road I used to know as a kid; it was late at night, the only light provided was by the occasional speeding car that whizzed by, and I was around the age I was two years ago versus the age I would have been (so seventeen instead of the younger age I was when living there). I was naked, wrapped in a black fur blanket, and walking at a quick and panicked pace. I knew the area, so I wasn't lost, but I was obviously feeling pursued or trapped. That feeling only increased with time and eventually I broke into a full sprint trying to run from the impending doom that felt close on my heels. Only...suddenly I was in someone's arms -- being carried away from the danger.

I remember crying and clinging to this female, who's features remained a mystery to me. In her arms, it felt as if her feet weren't even touching the ground. I remember her presence felt dark be it due to a physical feature I intuitively knew in the dream or due to simply being carried by a seemingly floating woman who, despite my pleas for her to never leave me (which I said several times over her "I won'ts" and "I promsie's") eventually said that she would return, before dropping me and disappearing. At that point I blacked out, and woke up from the dream.

At first I thought this women might have been Lilith or Hecate based on others' opinions but that didn't seem entirely accurate to me. There was just too little to go off of, and I always assumed that if I heard the name I would feel at peace, like I had in the dream. I'm not a magical expert or anything but I am relatively intuitive so...I dunno. I guess I'm just being picky and wanting more experienced opinions, but all are welcome to take a whack at it!