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Original Post:
by: User532443 on Jun 25, 2018

Good day. So we all know that in order to make something happen, we have to 'learn the basics first; do meditation; write (our) own spell; ground and shield (ourselves) ; say your prayer out loud and with all your emotions.. ' and so many more. Suppose you did perform a successful prayer. What happens then? Is it over?

We all are under a cliched impression that magick involves just achieving your aim through various methods. We do a materialistic craft, like I described above (in inverted commas). Magick is an art, and in every art there is amusement. We do it so regularly it becomes our bad habit; and in case of working with divine beings, it becomes worse. People, do you still believe that we 'invoke' divine beings just to aid in our craft, or just to express your uttermost desire? Is that it? You wish for stuffs and after a while, when you get them, you thank your deities and that's that? There is su su much more that you are missing. Invocation, as you like to say it, not only involves doing these. Think outside the box. Do you have any feelings separate from just expressing your wishes? Do you feel for Them? Did you ever think as to why They came to you, and what attracted them? Did you ever feel their love? If no, then this craft is not for you.

Let me give you my own example. When I first read about Athena , Her role intrigued me. I was to call the goddess of Wisdom and War, and nothing made me feel better than this. When it happened, when She appeared, She appeared bold. Yet, believe me as time goes by you would realize that She is so full of love and light. I used to call her 'Mother Athena' for this reason. So, if you had only 'invoked' her to aid in your crafts, you would've never felt the affection she had to offer. The same goes to Loki . The God of Trickery, and some would even call him 'The god of mischief and chaos'. Funny enough. He facilitated in the daily lives of my students, and even changed the lives of many; and to think that he would be so mischievous! If you don't go deep, you don't get to see the depth of the iceberg right?

So now you know that this things never end. Love is infinite, your emotions are infinite, and your path is life-long. So my fellow mates, change your views, because this is only the beginning.

Thank you for reading!