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Original Post:
by: PititOgou on Mar 19, 2018

Blessings everyone,

This is rather an important question and kind of a follow-up to something else I posted in a way.

I have a court case coming up next right, smack dab at the beginning cycle of Mercury Retrograde which begins on March 22. Some magical work has already been done well before the court date in the past two months so in that sense the ball is rolling. However, I have some additional work that was planned for Thursday since I am dealing with a legal matter.

Because of Mercury Retrograde, I am thinking about casting the spell tomorrow, 2 days before the actual retrograde begins.

My question is this. Does the actual effects or influence of Mercury Retrograde begin to build up before MR is in full effect on March 22? Can I cast without concern tomorrow before the retrograde?

I also intended to cast a prosperity spell this week as well. Can it be cast one day before Mercury Retrograde without any concerns?

Many thanks!