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Original Post:
by: got_music on Dec 31, 2017

so me and my family have been going through such a hard time the past few months. first off, im having issues with the guy i love. all of a sudden he just isnt showing so much love for me like he used to. i am still in high school, 12th grade, and im failing. i already have failed one class twice and theres the possibility i will fail more with it and other classes. another year of high school has apparently been added to my life. as for my family, we have not much money. my dad beats himself up every day trying to work, but his only vehicle for it all has many problems and nearly every day we have to put in money towards whatever ends up wearing out or falling apart or something. we cannot afford another truck right now, but every day theres something wrong with it. metaphorically, that truck is held together with ductape. its the only thing that my dad has to take him to work at different parts of our state. due to it and work being iffy about amounts of money to pay us, its getting hard to even afford food to have on the table, or even electricity, and gas for any vehicles (the truck goes through gas quick). really me and my family have been off and on with issues like this my entire life, but this here is not really going away. im afraid we could lose our house. my mom is the one that deals with all the bills and i always see her full of anxiety, worry, fear, anger, etc. and it also sucks because im an empath and i pick up on her energy too easily. when my dad gets home from work he gets a bad attitude from what he deals with. my grandma on moms side has a lot of doctor's visits coming up to determine if she may have cancer. we all love each other, but it feels like the family is tearing apart. we all have said many times that it feels like we have a curse on us. ive tried doing spells to help things out for us (im wiccan) but it hasnt helped. from all this pressure its made me even question my faith a few times. Please, for those reading this who do care, please pray for us. my family doesnt even know im posting this, im sure they would not be so happy about me sharing our issues with internet people, but i am desparate. it seems like my prayers and magick havent been answered, and i feel that the energy of others praying for us altogether can help. it doesnt matter to me what deity you believe in, whether its the lord and lady, many gods and goddesses, the christian god, jesus, satan, whatever you believe is fine. all i ask is that you all pray for things to go in a better direction for me and my parents, please. i just want positivity to come our way, especially with a new year coming, because it feels like we have a dark cloud. please pray for us. thanks in advance... best blessings to you all.