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Original Post:
by: Chakra98 on Aug 28, 2017

I have been having a very bad problem with pain in my hip(s). Ever since I was little I would sit on my knee's causing my knee caps to shift and pop out of place or lock up... and a few year's back I had torn my labrum from a soccer injury & wasn't able to get it fixed until a year later due to being a female and only hitting puberity a year or two earlier ( The shifting of the hips during cycles would cause the surgery to be useless, so I had to wait until I couldn't take the pain and finally got the surgery). I had anchor's put in, and went about the recorvery period. Two years after that I had to go back in, since the anchor's had popped out.
Not to mention that, getting the surgery gave me an increased risk of getting arthritis at a younger age, then I probably would have in the future. When I went back the second time, there were small sign's of it.
I recently fell, and hurt my hip and it has been a few day's, and my hips & knee's are acting up again.
With all that being said, I am not much a fan of doctor's, and due to my being afraid to leave the house, am in no reason to see one. I was wondering if anyone knew of some herbal or natural ways in order to help with the pain. I know that herbal/natural medicine can only do so much. But if anyone know's of some natural ways to help with the pain, it would be greatly appreciated.