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Original Post:
by: Wicca_Magick on Aug 01, 2017

Dear young new wiccans pagans or witches,
This is a message from me, to you. I am as well, a young new wiccan. The next few paragraphs are my advice to curious new Wiccans/pagans/witches.

My first peice of advice: dont get frustrated. Its OK to be a little angry. But magic is all of the dedication. If a spell doesnt work, maybe try meditating before doing spells. try reading some of the articleson this site. it could proove good.

2nd: If you have questions, its okay to ask! message me, or your other wiccan friends, or the live chat is always an option.

3rd: new wiccans always debate on telling there family and friends about there studies. its ok. you know your loved ones better than anyone else. tell them if you want, or when your ready.However, sometimes, its best kept a secret.

i hope this helped! good luck!
- Wiccan_Magick