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Original Post:
by: User494802 on Jul 01, 2017

Not to sure about certain hidden gifts. However i come to believe that certain gifts that are ours activate when we reach a certain age. I noticed when I reached 30 my gifts started to unlock and I was able to do more than i could when i was younger. Also we realize that we can do certain things, however the specific knowledge is a miss.It is like having the answer to the equation without the formula being present. Some work on the formula first in order for results, while others naturally can accomplish feats
without any thought or effort. Most of magic comes without having any doubt at all in your heart, It is not about how much rituals you do, or how many are in your circle. It is belief in yourself regardless of how many try to tell you otherwise. remember only those of true magical ability are able to understand this. Believe in yourself and watch your gifts grow and nurture them. Most of all do not abuse them