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Original Post:
by: Deegurl999 on Feb 25, 2017

Hello, I have been a student of Magick for almost 3 years now; the practice of Santeria is something that has been prevalent in my family for as long as I can remember; my beliefs are geared more towards Wiccan practices.
My question is in regards to the death of my aunt, whom was a High Priestess within Santeria; since her passing 2 months ago I have had noticeable changes in my energy/life. After her death I felt her presence surrounding me for days; shortly after she moved on things went a bit haywire. 2 of my beloved pets became deathly ill, veterinary care accompanied by several healing spells did the trick and they survived. The energy in my home was suddenly inundated with negativity, anger and depression among my family were all of the sudden the norm. (Yes, I lost a family member and while it can be a sad time, I firmly believe that death is but a part of the cycle we must each complete in this life, death is not anything I see as particularly negative) I have done several cleansing rituals and things do improve with each cleansing. Most recently I myself have become a bit ill, I am forging ahead and have absolutely no intention of letting any of this keep me down; however I am curious as to how much all of this may have to do with my aunt's passing? A family member stated that perhaps I was an "heir" to her and that her passing may have resulted in a whole multitude of her spirits attaching themselves to me, and that the magnitude of all of this is draining to me as I adjust to it all.
Ever since I was a child I have always been aware of spirits; I seem to attract all types, I have always viewed this as a gift.
I am hoping that perhaps someone may have an opinion or actual knowledge that they may be able to share. The one thing I know most about Santeria is how close knit the members are and that they are not always completely forthcoming in all; which I absolutely respect but it does make a lot of answers I receive a bit vague.
Any and all advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.