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Original Post:
by: KaiCeeCrane on Dec 29, 2016

About 7 or 8 years ago I had this dream. It began with me lucid dreaming. All of the sudden I had no more control. I now seen a hsllway, that looks to me to be in a 1800's home. In the hallway there are two rooms. To the left is a empty bed room, to the right there was a bathroom. In the bed room are 3 girls sitting in a circle. One gets up and heads to the bathroom. As she walks in what looks like a spirit comes in behind her. She turnd around to look at it and falls dead. She is left with a red cross on her head. The spirit then foes to the bedroom and does the same to the other girls. It then comes out and looks at me. It says to me "You are the keeper of bad dreams". Then I woke up. I spent the next month searching for anything to give me context on this dream, what it means, what even happened. I only found one story that I was never able to find again. The story goes there was a time when there were no nightmares. All the evil was kept far away in a chest. The Keepers were there protecting it from bad spirits and demons from opening it. They were always successful till they eventually were over powered. Slowly more of the Keepers kept dying off in the battle, till there was one left, and then he died. After that the demons and spirits were able to open the chest and release nightmares into the world. That is all I remember from the story. I've never been able to find anything else on the story or The Keepers of Bad Dreams. Does anyone know anything or ever heard of them?