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Original Post:
by: rubypearl on Oct 19, 2016


I've lived with my roommate going on 6 months. She is a major free loader. She currently owes me money and there have been frequent instances of mooching and taking more than what she is giving. I have approached her about it but was met with anger and defensiveness for even bringing it up. I do not trust her and want her to leave. The women that live downstairs believe that she has stolen $300 from them. This has caused major static in the house. I have noticed her swiping things from work like chargers and clothes. I feel like she is having a negative impact on my happiness and she is not willing to admit to the constant instances of cheapness and irresponsibility. Talking with her will go nowhere since just bringing it up has incited these reactions. I need some magical help. I want to hot foot her but I don't want anything negative to happen to her. Help please.