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Original Post:
by: ZeusUniverse on May 05, 2016

Okay, so I don't personally don't know if this kind of post has been done, but I really think people should really learn a bit about placing information and hopefully inspire people on what they can place on their profiles, now this isn't to insult anyone in any way, just to help them gain inspiration on stuff they can place on their profile, rather than leaving it empty or one lined.

  • Brief introduction about you.
  • Your interests in magic.
  • Explain some of your knowledge.
  • Your current studies.
  • Meaningful quotes.
  • A little bit of a background story.

Your profile is like your own customizable page, the information helps us get to know you, and possibly find people that relate to you. You know there is so much more you can place on your profile than just, "Hello, I have been interested in magic for a long time," it's nice to know you are interest in magic, but can you get a little deeper, what part of magic drew you in? Have you done some studying about magic?

Your profile doesn't have to be just a place for your accomplishments, it could be a place to explain what you would like to study, you can explain what your current thought on magic are, and so much more.

Now a couple of things you would want to avoid while making your biography;

  • Placing phone numers.
  • Placing email addresses
  • Placing addresses.
  • or anything else that breaks the site rules.

If you do one of the above you could end up being gagged, and that wouldn't be a great impression.