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Original Post:
by: BlackQuartz on Apr 18, 2016

Hi all, I just changed my profile pic to a photograph my mother took of the final blood moon in the series of four blood moons we experienced recently. I think it's so cool, because well, I remember a famous preacher based one of his prophecies on the tetrad of blood moons and the second coming of God. In fact, we saw seven huge astrological signs during that time: the blood moons, a solar eclipse, what astronomers thought to be the star of Bethlehem, and a blue moon, all close together in time. I'm not a big believer in astrology, but wow this was fascinating stuff. In Wicca, we often cast spells drawing upon the power of the moon. Well, let me talk about the blood moons a little more. Before the tetrad, I saw maybe only two other ones in my life. The first one was in 1996, and I was outside with a boyfriend looking at it. It was so romantic. The next one was in the 2000's when I was living in the southeast of the United States of America, and it really calmed me down. Blood moons in succession with each other happen quite a bit, however this one stuck in my memory not only because of the "prophecy" but also because I witnessed it. I am not here to support the preacher's "prophecy." In fact, personally, I don't believe in it. What could it have meant for magic? Well, I find that spells may take some time to "kick in." I remembered doing a True Love spell with the blood moons et al with the same boy I saw the first blood moon with, as it happens. In fact, I used one of the spells on this website in conjunction with the amazing occurrences in the sky. They say many things about True Love. For example, "If it's true love, then it shall come back to you." Or, "True love conquers all." Or, "True Love lasts forever." Knowing this, and knowing all the spells I have ever cast for true love, I did just one more. I of course did our astrological sign compatibility. I drew pictures of him and wrote my first name with his last name over and over and over again. I have a keychain I bought with his name on it, and I keep it in a satin box with a small deck of tarot cards, two rosaries, a small athame, a lavender sashe, and a little pentacle. Back to the title of my post: moon magic. The moon of course is a source for psychic abilities, healing, and really power of any sort. Witches observe the phase of the moon, for example to draw in positivity or to banish. In the Tarot deck, it could also mean impulsive behavior, foolish decisions, and mental illness. Basically, just chaos. The full moon indeed pulls a physical energy from the earth, as we see in the ocean tide. But that is just a scientific fact, not a spiritual one. I almost bought the book, "Moon Magic," but I didn't. Apparently now the moon is waxing, so for me it's an excellent time to push forth the negative energy in my life and use the power of the moon to banish it. I love moon magic. Moonlight makes me feel so at peace when the sky is dark. By the way, the next blue moon is May 21 of this year, 2016. The expression, "once in a blue moon," is used to talk about something that happens very seldomly. But True Love only happens once. In the Princess Bride movie, Prince Humperdinck told Westley that "If you truly love each other, then you might have been truly happy. Not one couple in a century has that chance. Therefore, no man has ever suffered as much as you will." Right before he thrust the torture machine lever up to 50 and gave Westley ultimate suffering before he mostly died. But that was just a movie. I'm talking too much.