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Original Post:
by: lucya on Apr 16, 2016

so, ive had the same dreams for a while now, i've been getting them at least once a week for 3 months, sometimes more.

the first dream is that, i am home, it is night and my family are asleep, then four people break in and kidnap me, they take me to this place (im not sure where, its like a hotel kinda) there are loads of girls there also, and they proceed to rape us over the course of many months. until one day, i manage to disarm one of the people, his weapon that i now have is a chainsaw, i slice at his back after telling him to turn away from me. i dont do much damage, i try again, and again i dont do much, he is still alive and bleeding badly from his back, he turns and comes after me, but i push him and he falls onto a spike and dies.

before i say my second one, a bit of info; i am 19, my friend is 58 (he is a mentor for me in my craft)

my friend and his mother are at an auction for illegal things, i am something that is up for auction, his mother buys me to have me marry her son

the second isnt too long or detailed. but they both happen the same way every time. id love if someone could help me figure out how to stop them keep coming back. my first dream has been going on for over a year, and its a constant nightmare. also id like help trying to figure out what they mean