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Original Post:
by: User431471 on Mar 09, 2016

Hello everyone! Let's have a discussion. I have seen many articles, spells, and viewpoints stating that every god and every goddess are just different manifestations of the Horned God and the Mother Goddess of the Wiccan religion presenting themselves in many different cultures. I can see where this thinking stems from, seeing as though many different religions' gods and goddesses have similar traits and characteristics, such as the characteristic of stubbornness and jealousy between Zeus and Thor, as well as there role in weather, each causing thunder and lightning according to their specific myths. The resemblance is almost uncanny, I agree. However, to me, it becomes problematic when saying that this binary can apply to every god and every goddess of every known pantheon of every religion. That is because in my opinion, some gods and goddesses characteristics can be very contradictive to others. Such as the characteristic of the god Hermes being very friendly an energetic, but yet another god, Hades, is usually depicted as being very solemn almost constantly. If they are manifestations of another god, the Wiccan Sun God, who is also described as having nearly constant characteristics, you would find consistency amongst each pantheon. But yet, there is not. Please challenge my viewpoint. Thank you.