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Original Post:
by: fleshandsoul on Dec 01, 2015

I'm sure we've all seen posts and comments where someone asks about a slightly controversial task, and the poster gets gutted because people seem to think it's impossible. No, I'm not here to condone the actions of the liars here, but as people seem to want to take a scientific view on things here, you're doing this part wrong.

I've only been on this site a short while, yet I'm already sickened by the word impossible here, a word I thought I was going to leave behind on a magick site.

To the people who tell others that something is impossible because "science says so," NO IT DOESN'T. If you really believe that something can't happen, then try and prove it. But can you really? I really doubt it! The only reason things seem impossible is because of a lack of proof otherwise, and/or one simply doesn't have the means of carrying out such a task.

I really hope we can all learn something from examining the nature of our own beings, please try to show me this isn't just wishful thinking.