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Original Post:
by: Lightning2 on Sep 13, 2015

So, I tried to meditate to reach trance state. I crossed legs and fingers but I was 't going good with it becuase after short time my hands didn't feel heavy but something kinda like that but I could easily move them.. Then I felt my mucles on my back, lime they should relax but then the possition of my body wasn't very well.
So I layed in bed without ever a pillow.

I startd the breathing thing. In a really short time my breathing started to become shorter and shorter.. Now, so.ethig weird hapenned. With my eyes closed, sometime I heard in my ears something like an explotion! But it was realy really slrt! Less than a second! But I heard it cleary. I then opened my eyes without moving my body at all and for some weird reason when I closed them a tear felt from my right eye..out of nowhere.. My eyes didn't have any problem or something. And I felt scare or fear I don't remeber cleary.

So then I was relxing more and more. Then I was feeling kinda heavy but I coud really easily move my hands or anythig else. Then I remember my foot and my hand shaled archoze.. I know that this state happens when someone entering into dreams. But I wasn't dreamig it was just happening. I still could really easily to move my body parts. I was feeling then more heavy but I still could move..but I didn't.

Then someone got it so I stoped. Like I "woke up" (I didn't fall asleep). Was that a good sign? I mean if I continued I could reach the trance state??
Thanks everyone :)